Thursday, September 19, 2013

Camoflaged in style OOTD

Tuesday I told you guys that I wanted to steal my nephew's jacket. But then I remembered that I actually had one already! I guess I forgot about it because it's buried underneath all my winter jackets. It came with that button already on it. But I really want to add more to it! I don't collect or have any pins.buttons so it'll be fun to go scavenger hunting. Those black sleeves are actually part of the jacket. Pretty cool because it looks like a roughed up vest which I like because 90% of my clothes are really girly. My dress is one of  those bodycon aka skintight dresses with mesh sleeves from Forever 21. I WISH I HAD BLACK DR MARTEN BOOTS!!!! They go with literally everything! But seeing as how I don't wanna cash out on 'em, my chucks will suffice.

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