Friday, September 6, 2013

Turning my self-hate into self-love

I hate my skin because it's too dark. I wanna be lighter. All the pretty girls have light skin.
NO, I love my skin because it keeps me from getting sunburns (holla if you got that melanin!)

I hate my height, I  feel like a giraffe. I wanna be small and cute.
NO I love being tall because I can reach most of the cabinets in my house.

I hate being so thin, I wish I had curves like a women.
NO, I love my body because despite its size - it is HEALTHY and skinny women are real women too!

I hate my name, it's so ugly why couldn't I have been born with a prettier name?
NO I love my name because it has meaning. It was picked out just for me by two people who love me most in this world, my parents. 

I hate my nose, it's too big for my face.
NO I love my nose because it's the same nose that identifies me as a part of this family. Just like my body or my last name, and my facial features.

I hate my scars, they're so hideous and embarrassing.
NO I love my scars. They are a daily reminder that wounds internal and external do heal. That I am stronger than my circumstances with God on my side.

I hate my hair, if I had straight hair my life would be perfect.
NO I love my frizzy natural curls. It's beautiful and shows the world where my roots come from without having to say a word.

There is so much your body is capable of! Why not focus on that? Your body is what's kept you alive thus far. This is what connects you to your family. How you express yourself. How you showcase your feelings and your personality without saying a word. Everyday you use your beautiful lips to speak, your intelligent mind to find solutions, your legs to dance, arms to hug, and your eyes to see this glorious world! Be thankful!! Don't take your body for granted! Take care of yourself, nourish yourself, learn more, love more, do more, be more.

Turn your self-hate into self-love

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