Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Camoflage + Next on the To-Do List

On Saturday I went to my sister T's house to watch the Mayweather VS Canelo fight. Money Team won, but I was hoping for a K.O. Mayweather just sort of skated through the fight. I was underwhelmed. Still had fun though. We had Mexican food, lots of laughs, and my sister L brought baby Danielle!!! (check out her story here) She's such a peach :) Seeing her makes me miss my sister in law and my other niece Neriyah!

My nephew L has been asking me to sew things up and do some refashions for him for about two months now. First he didn't know what he wanted, then whenever I'd be around (and free) he was gone, and finally this weekend he forked over this camo jacket. Which I actually want to steal away for myself haha! It'd be cute when it finally gets cold. But oh well, I know what to look for next time I go to the shops :)

So I'm gonna take it in about 2" on the sleeves and 5"-6" on the body of the jacket. He's into rasta colors and cool labels. So I'm gonna be looking for all kinds of appliques, buttons, pins, and other cool stuff that I can find for him. I feel like a trip to Berkeley is in order! There's always always at least three vendors on the streets any given weekend with Jamaican/Ilslander-inspired things. He kept asking "How much money do you think you'll need? What's your estimate? How much do you want?" And I kept going woah dude, I have to see what's out there first!! I can tell he's really anxious, which is good. Because I want him to be excited when I'm finally done with it. His birthday is coming up, I may be a few days (maybe a week?) late... but this will be my present to him. Along with a card of course!

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