Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing dress up at Target

Every now and then while I'm out and about I'll try a ton of clothes on that I have NO intentions of buying just as a feel-good experience. Last week I was doing some paperwork and I told my mom I'd be about 40-60 minutes so she could go run her errands until it was time to come back and get me. It didn't take as long as I anticipated so while I waited for my dear mother to come bqack I hopped on over across the parking lot and ran around through Target (one of my favorite places). I don't usually buy clothes here because... well idk why actually. But I haven't bought clothes here in quite a while. I saw a lot of pretty dresses on the juniors racks so I decided to snatch 'em up!!!

Window shopping and playing dress up are some of my favorite things :)

Have a great day guys!

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