Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy birthday from America!

So my older brother T is in the Air Force. And we was recently deployed to a far away land. ***sad face*** The good news though is that we can still talk on the phone, FB, and Skype! Thank God for technology, right? His birthday is this month (just a couple more weeks!) And my mom and I while out running errands and hanging out the other day stopped to get birthday cards to send him. She picked the usual sentimental card with heartwarming words and lovely cursive writing. And I picked out a card intended for old people (60+) that I thought would be really funny! I'm not sure when exactly it'll get to him but I'm sure he'll have them well before his actual birthday. 

I miss him.

Last time I saw him was last Christmas, my sisters and I went on a road trip to Idaho to spend the holidays with him, our sis-in-law L, and baby N. GOOD TIMES! And I saw the snow for the first time in my life! Christmas ain't legit unless there's snow. I'm hoping that between now and December I can fly up to Idaho to spend some much needed quality time with my sis L!! With this new job I'll have to find some time in my schedule for a lil vacay. We shall see...

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